Thursday, 4 July 2013

Customise your own android bot

Hey guys , now you can can make your own android  bot....

well , just hit the play store and download the androidify app by and developed in south korea ,
tons of combinations u can try over the cute android bot
Get Androidified!Androidify, available free from Android Market, lets you take the little  green Android, and turn it into yourself, your friends, your family ,anyone! Just like the Android platform is open, the Android robot can now be freely customized.

Accessorize, Share

Androidify lets you create your own custom Android. Stretch  it ,shrink it, add a hoody, style its hair, throw on some shades , or even give it a parrot and a pirate hat. !
 ------ hurry ! start making your own bot ______________________

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Android sensors - check how many are supported by your device

Well today the mobile market is hot about ANDROID .Let tell me tell u, almost  20% people having android devices doesnt know the functions of it and what really ANDROID is ,
Android is a linux based operating system designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers

Today i will share a lil knowledge about android sensors and how to check which one's are supported by a particular device 

There are about 9 basic sensors 

( well its good to know a litle about them before testing ) then we will move to the fun part of testing

- Gyroscope Sensor

Gyroscope sensor can measure six directions at a time. You will be able to see the effects immediately by rotating your phone slightly. Now Gyroscope sensor is mostly used in 3D game development, and possibly indoor navigation in future.

- Light Sensor 

Light sensor is applied to detect the light intensity of the environment, and then adjusts screen brightness and determines whether to turn off the keyboard light. Test the effect by putting your phone in dark place and retrieving it.

- Orientation Sensor

Orientation sensor is applied to detect direction status of the device, i.e. auto rotate screen when device is rotated horizontally. It can also be used as measure equipment like Spirit Level.

- Proximity Sensor

Proximity sensor measures the distance between two objects, usually the device screen and our hands/face etc. Test the effect by moving your hand forward and backward in front of the device in Android Sensor Box.

- Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensor provides information about your device temperature, thus you can take action when the temp is too low or high.

- Accelerometer Sensor

Accelerometer sensor is applied to detect device directions, i.e. auto rotate screen when the device is rotated vertically. It is also widely used in game development.

- Sound

Sound detects the sound intensity around you and provides you detailed information about the intensity changes.

- Magnetic Field

Magnetic Field is used in many areas like metal detection and compass, which bring us lot convenience in our life.

- PressurePressure is used to detect environmental pressure, thus to forecast weather and temperature.

---------------well lessons over now comes the fun part  
well just download the ANDROID SENSOR BOX on your android device from google play .

its FREE 

Android Sensor Box detects all available sensors on your Android device, and vividly shows you how they work with amazing graphics. Android Sensor Box also tells you which sensors are supported by the hardware, and provides extremely useful sensor tools that could be used in our daily life.
 all the above mentioned sensors are available int his app ( if ur device supports those ) 
well if any sensor is not supporte in ur device due to lack of hardware it will automatically detect and mark a cross like this   ( just test the others to check out how it works)

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Create your own QR (quick response) code

QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode first designed for automotive industry  in Japan; a barcode is an optically machine-readable label that is attached to an item and that records information related to that item

Well friend after a quick survey i found that u can create ur own QR CODE ONLINE  and it FREE
I personally prefer  

It supports static and dynamic qr codes ( well check this video if u r not sure about dynamic QR codes )

well this online web app supports and fulfill all ur QR need -
Views specific text when scanned by any qr code scanner on ur smartphone
>Phone number
Make a call using the code
Visit specific site like
SMS anyone
save any contact

well the static code is fully FREE ...
and let me show you how to do it ->>

next u will see a UI like this 
click on any of the radio buttons
>Phone number

well i show u how to do it with an url 
( click on URL button )
now enter any url  
for ex -
(our blog address )
You can enter any url of 160 characters 
well u can create Dynamic too but its not free 
and better u watch the video tagged above in this post ....

Well the QR Code is created >>>

Now u can save it or publish it any where websites , magazines etc

Well I prefer Google goggles to decode QR codes 
well use it to point towards the QR code using ur sartphone cam running the app and then u will be directed to the  specfic URL

You only need a app named Google goggle and a smartphone

well have a try friends .....

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Play any types of games on PC

well friend , sure u heard about emulators ,In computing, an emulator is hardware or software or both that duplicates (or emulates) the functions of one computer system

for example it can emulate allmost anything nintendo , android , JAVA ME etc

you can play all most any types of games on your PC

Let me tell u guys , for example u r a great fan of pokemon but can u tell me any pc based pokemon games with cool graphics but on the other side Nintendo gives u dozens of free pokemon games(i.e roms )

NOTE: There are lots of emulators but CyberGO has selected best results for u

I will introduce u to java , android , nintendo , Playstation Emulators
lets get started --

Java Application Emulator for Windows( KEmulator )

Emulate mobile games ( all manufacturer ) java (j2me) games and applications on your PC. 
This software is simple to use. Just download the installer and run it. 

  • After installation it is possible to set your .jar files to associate with KEmulator.exe under ViewOptionsSystem.
  • Adjust key mappings under ViewOptionsKeyMap.
  • Enable virtual keypad under ViewKeypad
  • Java emulator for PC

    Before downloading  It is needed, that you install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your computer, in order to run java content. It is completely free and is easy to download and install from official java website. 


  • Download Java Runtime Environment! 

  • Download PC Java Emulator installer (2.51 MB)!

  • Android Emulator for Windows (Bluestacks)

     BlueStacks download page
    To download the App Player beta grab it from the BlueStacks site by clicking on the "Download Now" button on the landing page and run the .EXE file. If your computer is missing the .NET framework 3.5, you will be prompted to download that utility before App Player will install. The program takes a few minutes to install as it grabs most of the app's required files and other information from online.

    Nintendo Emulator for Windows (Project64)








     FREE Nintedo games (Roms)

     Click here to Download  ( download project64 )

    well project 64 is not user friendly , friends and the main thing is it has different key configurations . 


    Play Station 3  Emulator for Windows (PS3 emulator)


    Instructions for running the PS3 Emulator for PC

    1. Download the rar files and extract to folder C://
    2. Run it and let it check for bios updates
    3. To run ps3 games , go to File >Run from image or DVD
    4. Wait for graphics, audio and controller to load
    5. Adjust settings to your liking and Enjoy!

    If you want to run from DVD it will automatically start and if you want to run from image you will be prompted to choose that image when running the PlayStation 3 Emulator . Once the game is running you can change the settings such as resolution and controls.



    download Ps3 emulator 


    thats all about emulators friends , n keep gaming :-)



    Saturday, 18 May 2013

    Find unique facebook ID

    Well it may be hard to find ur friend ID by just typing the name or recognising the profile pic one of the best way to harvest some info about a foriegn account or to get some one's FB id is described here ....

    U would  prefer url but this is a good one indeed . for example : u need to play some pranks on ur friend as he has blocked u better get his unique ID coz this will help you to

    Log in to your FB a/c
    then open up ur friends timeline
    then just replace the url

    for example:-

    NOTE: you might get a url like this (but be sure to omit after the question mark)

     the url is now

    just replace the "www" with graph  like this

    NOTE: you might get a url like this

    well its done

    you will get certain informations like 

       "id": "100000928412820", 
       "name": "Pritam Maiti",
       "first_name": "Pritam",
       "last_name": "Maiti",
       "username": "pritam.maiti2",
       "gender": "male",
       "locale": "en_US"  

    the ID is   100000928412820  now just type in

    well it will guide u to the users timelime