Saturday, 27 April 2013

CALCULATOR hacking ( to test every button is working or not )

Yes ! guys today we wont hack computers or mobiles today on cybergo Labs our patient is a
CALCULATOR a scientific one indeed ( this hack will almost work on every CASIO model )

 start your calculator by just pressing ON , 
PRESS SHIFT , 7 and ON button altogether (what ????)
Let me explain press shift (press it don’t leave the button )
Then press 7 don’t leave that too (now u r pressing 2 buttons altogether )
Then press ON

Wow a strange screen appeared ---

Now keep on pressing SHIFT BUTTON
You will see the following screens

now at last u will get a screen with 0 (zero )
now its time to test your button
START from SHIFT button if the button is working it will display 1 if next button ALPHA is working then it will display 2 …. Now don’t press ON until u have tested all buttons
There are 49 buttons to test. But you have to follow a order like pressing 7 ,8 ,9 then 4 ,5, 6 until your screen displays 49 .. press ON when your screen displays 49 which denotes your all buttons are working
Now we have successfully hacked a calculator…..


  1. Was that a hack? Really? Would it be.... how they called it...Uhhh... TEST MODE?? :S

  2. Why I cannot do that??


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