Saturday, 27 April 2013

Play cricket using your calculator

You will need -
A scientific calculator
 ( should support the random function i.e ran# )
Ex. CASIO fx-100MS or higher 
( SVPAM or natural display both will do )

Hey u must be bored in some classes and try some old fashioned book cricket which involves opening and closing of your book .  well you can be traced by your boring teacher and sent out …
So  use your SCIENTIFIC calculator to play cricket (sounds fishy )
Well its really untraceable and was just discovered by me during my school days

STEP 1: ON - Press the ON button
You will see a screen with 0

STEP 2: RESET - Press SHIFT then MODE then 3 then = then again =
( red color denotes the button to press )
You will see the following screen

STEP 3: Removing the decimals using FIX function
Now press MODE five times –
You will see the following screen while pressing MODE five times

Now after you see the FIX mode

You will see a screen like this

Press 1 on your calculator to select FIX
Now press 0 (zero) on your calculator
To omit the decimals .

So we have successfully configured to play NOW
Press SHIFT then press . ( dot/ decimal ,with a yellow color text ran#)
the button is situated at the buttom last row
Now press ( and 6 this is the maximum value in cricket
Now with every press of = you will get random number( 0 1 2 3 4 5 6)

Now the rule is give the calculator to the batsman and any other person note the runs
1=one run
2=two runs
3=three runs
4=four runs
5=no run , dot ball
NOTE: Repeat the RESET step(step 2)to restore your calculator to normal mode
That’s all happy calculator cricketing …TRY IT GUYS  


  1. this is standard function for choosing number from 0 to number which you will write - but without this fix mode


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