Wednesday, 8 May 2013

LINUX Distro watch

Well, WINDOWS lovers Today I am gonna tell u about 2 linux distros which is mostly unknown to most of us but still let me tell u why u should grow ur interests toward LINUX

  • Linux is 100% free and open source and you can enjoy unlimited support.
Google, Facebook, Nasa Servers and Super Computers around the world run Linux.  Millions of people and thousands of companies around the world develop Linux, even microsoft


Package Management      : Debian Packager with APT
Desktop Environment      : Gnome Classic (also contains Unity & Gnome Shell)
Kernel Version                      :
OS Family                               : Unix-like
Source Model                       : Partially Open Source (Contains non-free applications)
Current Version                     : 12.04.1
Parent Distribution                : Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS
License                                   : Mainly the GNU GPL and various other free software
Architecture                           : Intel x86 (32bit)
Installation Medium               : 2.5 GB ISO image
MD-5 Checksum                     : ba092dad03317677887565a4aa0a59f1

Minimum System Requirements
Processor                 : 1.7 GHz
R. A. Memory          : 1GB
V.G.A. Memory       : Doesn't matter how much you got, but will be awesome if it supports 3D acceleration.

Click here to Download CYLON

screen shots :


Now If u are a student or have interest in scientific activities this distro is a must to you


Poseidon Linux is a GNU/Linux distribution. It was designed for the academic and scientific community, following the need for a friendly, complete and stable
It includes a large number of scientific applications, covering areas such as:

  • Visualization 2D/3D/4D
  • GIS and Geostatistics
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • CAD / Engineering
  • Computer Graphics
  • Image Editing and Vectorial Drawing
  • Numeric modelling / Simulation
  • Scientific graphs
  • Scientific Authoring
  • Database
  • Programming languages
  • Audio/Video
Poseidon Linux also offers all software needed to make it a complete workstation - office suite, web browser, e-mail readers, instant messaging, among others
CLICK to download posiedon



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