Sunday, 19 May 2013

Play any types of games on PC

well friend , sure u heard about emulators ,In computing, an emulator is hardware or software or both that duplicates (or emulates) the functions of one computer system

for example it can emulate allmost anything nintendo , android , JAVA ME etc

you can play all most any types of games on your PC

Let me tell u guys , for example u r a great fan of pokemon but can u tell me any pc based pokemon games with cool graphics but on the other side Nintendo gives u dozens of free pokemon games(i.e roms )

NOTE: There are lots of emulators but CyberGO has selected best results for u

I will introduce u to java , android , nintendo , Playstation Emulators
lets get started --

Java Application Emulator for Windows( KEmulator )

Emulate mobile games ( all manufacturer ) java (j2me) games and applications on your PC. 
This software is simple to use. Just download the installer and run it. 

  • After installation it is possible to set your .jar files to associate with KEmulator.exe under ViewOptionsSystem.
  • Adjust key mappings under ViewOptionsKeyMap.
  • Enable virtual keypad under ViewKeypad
  • Java emulator for PC

    Before downloading  It is needed, that you install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your computer, in order to run java content. It is completely free and is easy to download and install from official java website. 


  • Download Java Runtime Environment! 

  • Download PC Java Emulator installer (2.51 MB)!

  • Android Emulator for Windows (Bluestacks)

     BlueStacks download page
    To download the App Player beta grab it from the BlueStacks site by clicking on the "Download Now" button on the landing page and run the .EXE file. If your computer is missing the .NET framework 3.5, you will be prompted to download that utility before App Player will install. The program takes a few minutes to install as it grabs most of the app's required files and other information from online.

    Nintendo Emulator for Windows (Project64)








     FREE Nintedo games (Roms)

     Click here to Download  ( download project64 )

    well project 64 is not user friendly , friends and the main thing is it has different key configurations . 


    Play Station 3  Emulator for Windows (PS3 emulator)


    Instructions for running the PS3 Emulator for PC

    1. Download the rar files and extract to folder C://
    2. Run it and let it check for bios updates
    3. To run ps3 games , go to File >Run from image or DVD
    4. Wait for graphics, audio and controller to load
    5. Adjust settings to your liking and Enjoy!

    If you want to run from DVD it will automatically start and if you want to run from image you will be prompted to choose that image when running the PlayStation 3 Emulator . Once the game is running you can change the settings such as resolution and controls.



    download Ps3 emulator 


    thats all about emulators friends , n keep gaming :-)




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